9 Weirdest Science News of 2017

Weird stuff happens all the time, but a lot of it tends to pass right under our noses and has us going ‘Where was I when this happened?’ We feel ya people. Believe it, or not a lot of stuff happened in 2017 that has had researches and common folk scratching their heads.

So let’s take a look at all the WTF moments that 2017 had to offer.

Two-Headed Flatworm

Source: New Scientist

Some flatworms went on a free space trip, and when they came back they acquired, let’s just say, some weird traits. One amputated flat worm grew two heads, and others started reacting differently to water. So just like jail changed your friend, space changed these unfortunate flatworms.


Source: Business Insider

The name is weird enough as it suggests something like an iceberg of fat. But basically, a lot of trash mixed with a lot of oil was clogging up a London sewer. Yes, they didn’t learn anything from the 1800’s. The government in the UK didn’t know what to do at first with this massive load of junk, but in the end, they decided to convert it into biodiesel. Smart move the UK, smart move!

Viking Warrior Unearthed

Source: Movie Pilot

A Viking Warrior’s body was found with all its war gear attached to it and scientists thought it was a dude until DNA testing revealed it was actually female. Again confirming that women too were as badass as men were. Since we go through the horrors of period cramps, we definitely deserve more points. Thank you, Viking society for being more forward than some ass-hats in the Congress.


Source: Reddit

Jelly-like blobs have shown up around the western coast of Norway and scientists are clueless as to what the nature of these blobs is. They aren’t sure if it’s some sort of squid egg or something else. Maybe some alien decided to use earth as a quick restroom in their travels or perhaps it’s just a science experiment gone wrong. I’d be happy if it turned out to be Jell-O.

Chimps Have Maternity Leaves

Source: Daily News

So apparently one male chimp was so hungry that it ate a newly born baby, leading to a discussion of why every living thing on this planet sucks. This event helped researchers reason as to why female chimps usually leave the groups they belong to make sure their babies are safe.

Moscow Mule and Copper Poisoning

Source: Instagram (just picture)

Moscow Mule is a cocktail that has relatively low pH; so obviously, it’s advised that people don’t serve this acidic fiesta in a copper cup because it could kill you with poison. Guess we all know what we’re going to do on our next banquet.

Toothy Lizard Fish

Source: Marine Biodiversity Hub

Many creatures from the deep abyss of the ocean look like nightmare material that has come to life, and the Bathysaurus Rerox is no exception. That’s a long name, so we’ll just stick to calling it Lizard Fish. This bad boy came into the hands of some fishermen on their work. It is helping researching learn more about this spawn of hell.

Explosive Subatomic Event

Source: Crazy Engineers

Some real-life mad scientists were bored one day so they decided to fuse two subatomic particles to see what would happen. The possibility that it might lead to an all-out explosion didn’t concern them one bit. But it’s now known that they had it kept as a secret because you know people lose their shit.

Volcanic Apocalypse

Source: Earth Chronicles

The last weirdest science news surfaced that the Egyptian Dynasty ended because of a volcano erupting and fucking shit up. The smokes and gases the volcano gives might have led to a dry spell and even famine. Plus it led to riots, which just made matters worse.

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