Caring Special Needs Children during Coronavirus

Caring special needs children during coronavirus is very important, as these children are more at risk to covid 19. So parents need to take care of them properly. Parents should communicate with their children and make sure that they understand what is going on, this will reduce their stress level. Parents should also comfort their children, which can help them get over the situation easily.

Here are a few different ways guardians and parental figures can help themselves, their families, and caring special needs children during coronavirus to meet their safety, development and medical problems.

Safety Meaures of Caring Special Needs Children during Coronavirus

Particularly for children and teenagers with special needs, it’s critical of caring special needs children while using various methods of safety measure during coronavirus. These safety measures are as follows:


Children with Special Needs should be given all the necessary and suggested vaccines. Specially flu shot is very important during the coronavirus. Children of the age 5 and above are also important to get Covid 19 vaccine. All other people who got the first dose should get 2nd dose as well.

Wearing Masks

All children with special needs, can easily wear masks that covers, nose and mouth. Masks are made up of fabric and disposable materials. There can be some health problems that would stop children from wearing them over face. If children with special needs have not recieved vaccination of COVID-19, face masks should strickly wear in public. If they are stepping indoor places like Malls, shops where it is not possible to keep 6 feet distance. It is also suggested to wear face masks in schools.

Washing Hands

The habit of washing hands properly should be developed in children. They should regularly wash hands before and after meals, after coming from outside and after using toilet. Other than these, they should wash hands about 20 secondsafter some time. You can also teach your children do these act while attending school.

Cleaning House and Things

Keep the house and other things clean, keep the children and other family members away from different kind of germs. We should sanitized those things which we bring from outside like groceries, so that no germs can come into the house.

Hand Sanitizers, Soaps and Wipes

Bring hand sanitizers, wipes for using each person. You should trained and give each set of soaps,hand sanitizer and wipes to your family members. If the children are attending school or therapy sessions they should know how to use these things.

6 Feet Distance

Children with special needs should be ask again and again to keep distance from others especially from in the crowd. Parents should communicate properly before taking them outside. Even when they are attending school, they should be to trained to be careful.

Don’t Shake Hand

Many children with special needs are very friendly and usually has emotional attachment with their friends and teachers. When they go to school after a long time they may get emotional to see them. So, it is very important to make them understand that they should keep distance, don’t hug, touch and say hi or hello instead of these.

No Unhealthy Foods

These children can easily catch different gems because of their weak immune system. So, during these days, it is very much important to take care of their immune system and that is related with good diet and nutrition. Please say no to unhealthy food to protect your self and your children with special needs.

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