Managing Screen Time during Coronavirus

Screen time has increased drastically during coronavirus. Now, this has become our health concern. Screen time means how much time we spend on computerized devices. With screens all over the place, it might appear to be considerably harder to eliminate a youngster’s experience without them. But efforts are required to limit and cut down screen time. Try these tips by managing screen time, especially during coronavirus.

  • Do not give your children their own devices. Help them in using them but do not hand over the electronic gadgets.
  • Keep PCs and TVs in the common spaces of your home. When your children use them, it’s easy to watch out what they see, the games they play, and the sites they visit.
  • There should be some time when these devices are not allowed such as when all family are having their meal, when they are going to bed and doing fun together.
  • Observe how regularly you use your own gadgets. If you are always busy with your telephone, your children won’t see a valid justification why they ought to get off their screens. Besides, those gadgets influence the time you enjoy with your youngsters. Parents who are more use phones during meal time, their children also do the same.
  • Make limits of having screen time, if they have already seen tv for several hours than its no need to use cell phone at all.
  • Be prepared to clarify different screen time limits. If you have given 15 minutes for playing game on your smart phone. 15 minutes means 15 minutes, not more than that.
  • Assist your children finding alternate ways of having a good time. If a kid sits around just gazing at a screen, give him different choices like, painting, drawing, reading books, making stuff toys and riding bicycles.
  • Use programs and applications that you can set to switch off PCs, tablets, and cell phones after a given time.
  • Change screen time limits as your youngster gets older. For high schoolers, guardians might need to include them for time decision. You could consult with them regarding how much screen time they ought to get. Whatever you’ve decided, stick to it.
  • There are many softwares which can moniter the usage, which are called screen usage. This feature will estimate how much time you spent on the device. You can also set different time limits for different applications for you own and child’s phone.
  • Try to cut down the usage of you mobile phone and other computerized devices. But during a time of disengagement or quarantine its very important for managing screen time during coronavirus, that is difficult, but not impossible.
  • Encourage your youngsters to give their gadgets rest as well. Send them outside to play on the lawn without their screen gadgets in the sun. The daylight can diminishes the risk of nearsightedness.
  • Try to contant other on calls, do or take calls. But now adays we are more comfortable doing text. But Sometimes we are unable to express, convey and interprete our message through texting. Our brain is more responsive with hearing sounds of words than to read words from screen.
  • Call your grandparents and friends. Regardless of whether they live hours away or not far off, this is an extraordinary approach to reconnect when you can’t truly be together.
  • Develop the habit of eating dinner without any device. It diverts brain that struggles to chew and digest each bite. Eating meal together is the best time to interact and communicate with family. So, try to make it screen free. No one even should be allow to bring their phone to the table.
  • As they have been taking online classes from last two years. They get habit of reading from screen. But you can ask them to take class from laptop but read or make notes from the book only.
  • If you want to cut down screen time of children you can introduce the alternative of electonic devices and other fun, play activities according to their age. Related Article: Best Play Activities for Children During Coronavirus

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