Learning of Children with Special Needs in Coronavirus

Learning of children with special needs in coronavirus become very difficult because schools have closed. During this time, schools and parents both have a responsibility to make learning appropriate and easy for children with disabilities. Parents can do the little adjustment with teaching methods, support and learning aid.

Here are some tips that can be helpful to reinforce the learning of children with special needs in coronavirus. Learning of Children with Special Needs in Coronavirus

Get Connected With School

  • Reach out and get benefit from the techniues, apps or websites schools suggest.
  • Follow the resource teachers.
  • Understand when the students should do their learning and when, how flexibility is given.
  • Follow the school expectation regarding students to do learning tasks, give progress online, submit homeworks and projects.
  • Ask for help or support regarding children’s homework and projects.

School plan Adjusment

This is about considering how the school’s plans and systems for delivering learning will suit your child’s learning style and needs. For example, you can check:

  • Whether the school’s learning platform and the way learning delivers is accessible for your child.
  • Check out the learning materials are according to children with special needs.
  • How can you do adaptation for teaching and instruction for your child’s needs.
  • How learning aids and other supports that your child uses at school can be adapted for home use.
  • Look for more workable settings for children with special need to learn with fewer supports at home.

Adjustments and Learning of Children with Special Needs in Coronavirus

  • Whether the school’s plans and ways of learning will suit to child’s learning individual needs.
  • The school’s learning procedures and how it gives learning should easy to approach to your children.
  • Learning content are age(mental age) appropriate for your child.
  • Teaching methods can be modify for your child’s needs.
  • Children may need more easy aproach to learn with less difficulty and guidance.

Making Shedules for Learning

  • Making schedules help all children to feel safe and protected, especially when situations are full of depression and children are experiencing very hard difficult time like social distancing and living at home.
  • It can be very helpful for a family to fulfil their daily duties and tasks. This can play a very important role in doing and maintaining household tasks.
  • Make schedules for learning, games, activities, fun time family activities like sharing and reading stories with each other. These activities can be an important role to stay energetic during social distancing.
  • You can introduce many life-changing schedules and modify them according to the family’s needs. Like, before lockdown you were handling the responsibility of your child’s daily needs, but now your child will remember and take care of some of these duties.
  • Helping children with a disability manage with modifications to all shedules in life by using a support like;

Support From Social Stories

If you want that children learn their daily schedule tasks properly, you can make them learn through different social stories. Like if you want the importance of washing hands, the questions cover when, why and how. Divide the task into small steps turn the tap on, wet your hands, put some soap on your hands, rub your hands with soap, rinse your hands and dry your hands.

Support From Visual Aids

Supporting some schedules from the visual aids can be a good opportunity for children with disability. Like morning schedule or night schedule. You can place pictures of getting up from the bed, getting dressed up, brushing teeth, doing comb, Making breakfast with mom, eating breakfast, removing dishes from the table, washing dishes, taking the class.

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