Alternatives of Screen during Coronavirus

It’s very difficult to cut down the electronic gadgets during pandemics. It can be difficult but not impossible, we have to find out some best alternatives of screen times during coronavirus.

We are living a computerized life. Now a days we are worried that children spend most of the time gazing at their gadgets. Here are many ways and alternatives to get your children away from the screen during coronavirus when they are at home and not going to school, which is as follows:

Out Door Activities

Taking them outside help them to use their energy positively. It can be shooting, bicycle riding, jogging, running, playing hide and seek in the park or racing. Taking some fresh air helps to keep the mind calm and smooth.

Helping in House Hold Chores

You can motivate children to help parents doing in household chores. Children love to work with parents if they have good work to ask. You can ask them to do gardening, mopping, cleaning dishes, making simple snacks, making beds, helping in laundry and doing the dusting. This is the perfect time to learn different things.

Making Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts is an amazing idea for making kids busy for all age groups. It can be colouring, painting, drawing, sketching, making collages from common materials, making stuffed toys, paper flowers, doing dough work. Making artificial jewellery( bralette, necklace, rearings, rings). Also making comics, writing small stories, decorating bedroom walls with pictures. Making different kinds of cards for precious events like fathers day, friendship day and sending to dear ones. My son loves to make web shooter like Spider-Man has.

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Collection Time

If you are finding the alternatives of screen during coronavirus, doing collection is the one best thing that you can ask to your children. For example, a collection of different coins, stamps, stones, bottle caps, different buttons, unique beads, cartoon characters, seashells, flowers petals, different kinds of leaves ( dry them properly). You can also motivate them by saying that you used to these collections in your childhood. You can show them your creative work if you have.

Building with Legos and Blocks

By playing with legos and blocks, the children can adopt many forms of playing. Children develop great learning with such tiny pieces of blocks. They create their world by copying the model pictures. They learn constructive play, social play, imaginative play.

Making Puzzles

Are you worried about your children the cognitive ability and logical thinking? SO, solving puzzles is one of the best methods of keeping your children busy and enhancing their mental development. It’s very easy to make at home, you just need one picture print/draw on cardboard, cut it into pieces and give it to children to solve. It helps in reducing anxiety and also have health benefits like focusing and concentration.

Board Games

There are many types of board games like Chess, Snake and Ladder, Monopoly and Scrabble. There are many benefits of playing board games such as children develop a sense of teamwork, enhance language,develop focus and concentration, accepting and behaving well when you lose. Last but not the least, It keeps your children away from the screen.

Cooking and Baking

Whatever the age of your children are, they take interest in, what you cook? how you bake? what ingredients do you add? If they are young they can assist you in different things like mixing dry ingredients while baking a cake or beating eggs. Or if they are of 10-12 years, then can help you in cooking and baking. Cooking helps them to taste new food and making new types of foods and decoration. They can learn basic to advance skills by utilizing this time of coronavirus.

Creating Album

They can also collect pictures of different types of animals(pet, farm, sea, wild) birds, flowers, faces(happy, sad, emotional, weeping) and then create albums from them.

Learning New Skills Professionally

If you have teenagers at home, then ask them to use their time learning new skills that they can, later on, which help them in their profession. Like tech education,entrepreneurship, time management, discipline, Good leadership qualities, effective communication, eager to learn, and being respectful.

Play with what you Already have

Sometimes children get bored of playing with the same old toy again and again, they do not want to play with those toys. So, when children get bored with them, you keep those toys away from their toys basket /place. And after some days they will love to play with the same old toy.

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